Retailers, users and financial services pros needed to opine on

Reporter: Trang Ho



Deadline: Apr 6, 2017 7:00 pm

I am doing a story about — the marriage between Ebates and a robo-advisor. It’s basically the Upromise for retirement and student loan repayment. EvoShare gives users cash back on purchases made at participating restaurants and retailers. The rebate goes into users’ retirement plans or student loans. I would like anyone in the EvoShare ecosystem to share their thoughts on the program. Users: Has it helped you save for retirement or pay back student loans? How much so far? Are you more likely to shop at participating restaurants and stores because of it? Retailers and restaurant owners: What impact does participating in a cashback program like this have on business? Do you get more business from it? What do you see are the pros and cons of participating in programs like this? Financial services pros: Do you think a platform like EvoShare would encourage people to save more for retirement or help people pay off student loans? Or is this just gimmick? What if it backfires and makes people spend more money than save? What are the pros and cons from your perspective?Requirements: Please reply with your answers to the questions. Identify how you fit in the EvoShare ecosystem. Remember to include your name, title, company, city and state.