How realistic an option is crowdfunding for both today’s start-ups/SMEs and investors?

Reporter: Kate Hughes

Publication: The Independent


Deadline: Apr 20, 2017 11:00 am

Looking for written expert commentary, stats etc on the rise of alternative funding for SMEs and start-ups. How popular is it among UK businesses? What kind of business does it most suit? What protections/market regulations are in place? What are the risks? What role has fintech played in the rise of crowdfunding? For investors, what are the pros and cons? Is the current climate, in which just the word ‘crowdfunding’ seems to carry the promise of big, fail safe returns and the warm glow of community support, a little dangerous? Are investors protected in any way? Is the FCA keeping up with the alternative funding market and investor appetite for all things crowdfunded? What kind of returns are on offer?

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