Personal Finance Bloggers, What Are Your Best Tips for Staying Healthy and Saving Money?

Reporter: Rebecca Lake

Publication: Discover Online Banking


Deadline: Jul 6, 2017 9:00 am

Staying fit can help your wallet, especially if you’re not
saving enough for retirement. I am looking for some personal finance bloggers and experts to comment on the following: 1. How valuable can exercising be in keeping your health care costs low? How can you get your exercise in without spending money on a gym membership? 2. Is cutting out one bad habit (drinking soda, smoking) a good way to trim costs and stay healthy? 3. What are some tips for eating healthier and saving money on food? How can you balance wanting to go all organic, for example, with minding your budget? 4. How valuable can employee benefits like a wellness plan or a Health Savings Account be for keeping healthy and managing your costs? Requirements: Discover requires all sources to sign a release.

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