Need information on cash out refinances for investors

Reporter: Evan Tarver

Publication: Fit Small Business


Deadline: Apr 25, 2017 1:00 pm

My name’s Evan and I’m a business writer for Fit Small Business. I’m writing a detailed guide on cash out refinances for investors (short-term and long-term). Specifically, I’m trying to find out the following:
– When is a cash out refi smart for an investor? – How does a cash out refi differ from a home equity loan (HELOC/HEL)? – What is the general length of a cash out refi? – Is there a difference between a cash out refi on a primary residence vs investment property? Any info would be greatly appreciated! All sources are cited with a headshot and a link to a website. Thank you, Evan Requirements: experience with cash out refinance

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