Need a Home Insurance Agent to Offer Expert Advice for Story

Reporter: Matt Christensen



Deadline: Jun 28, 2017 12:00 pm

I’m currently looking for a home insurance agent to speak to regarding an article I’m writing about filing a claim. I have a list of questions that I would need answered, which includes the following: 1) Is there a rule of thumb dictating whether I should file? For example, the amount of damage exceeds my deductible, but only by $500. 2) Is it worth filing a claim? 3) Why or why not? 4) How long, typically, does it take to get paid after filing a claim? 5) Are there any things I can do to speed things up? For example, does filing a claim in person help? 6) How much will I get paid? 7) Is there a set percentage, or does every policy dictate something different? 8) What are the potential consequences of filing a claim? 9) Will my rates go up? 10) Is there a chance my insurance company could cancel my policy? 11) What happens if, for example, a tree in my yard falls on my neighbor’s property? 12) Does my home insurance cover that? 13) What is “Proof of Loss”, and how does it apply to filing a claim? 14) When should I notify the insurance company of my situation? 15) After I’ve handled any emergencies? Or before? 16) Should I clean up the damage? 17) What are some examples of claims that can be adjusted over the phone, vs claims that would be adjusted face-to-face? 18) What if my insurance company and I disagree on the value of a damaged item? I will need an expert who can communicate via email, and my deadline is ASAP.

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