How to Move When You Have Bad Credit

Reporter: Rebecca Lake

Publication: Citi Credit Knowledge Center


Deadline: Jun 8, 2017 7:00 pm

Moving house can be challenging when you have bad credit. A landlord may be reluctant to rent to you or require you to pay a bigger deposit. This story will outline tips for moving when bad credit is an issue and I’m seeking finance experts, landlords and renters to chime in on the following: 1. From a landlord’s perspective, how problematic is bad credit? 2. What steps can a renter who’s planning to move take to get their credit in better shape ahead of finding a new place to live? 3. What should renters with bad credit keep in mind about credit repair services? 4. Would it make more sense for a renter with bad credit to ask for a surety bond in lieu of paying a
higher deposit? 5. Should a renter with poor credit consider using a secured credit card to pay for moving expenses if they need more cash for their rental deposit? 6. What are the pros and cons of having someone cosign on your lease when you have bad credit? 7. What can renters do to get their credit back on track? Does rent reporting help build credit? Requirements: Seeking feedback from finance professionals, landlords and renters. Citi requires all sources to sign off on a brief email release, which I will provide.

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