What makes successful training for financial planners/advisers?

Reporter: Amanda Newman Smith

Publication: Money Marketing


Deadline: Apr 7, 2017 10:00 am

I’m looking for comment by email or phone about what are the ingredients that make a successful training course/scheme for financial planners/advisers? I’m interested in what features are needed to attract candidates and what elements does a good course or scheme need to produce good quality professionals? Does it need to be vocational rather than academic? Or is there room for both approaches, so that you supplement the academic side with on-the-job training? Does it need to be run by an advice firm, or if it’s a third party does it need to have established links with advice firms, so people can see a clear path of where the job at the end of it lies? Is location a factor? Are courses or schemes in big cities more likely to attract the volume of candidates they need to stay open than smaller towns? Are people who live in small towns wanting to have courses on their doorstep so they don’t have to travel to the bigger towns? Or does it not matter where the training centre/university/scheme is based? Overall, what features of a course/training scheme are more likely to appeal to candidates wanting to build a career in financial advice? Comments on anything else relating to this would also be welcome.

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