Losing a spouse — losing financial independence

Reporter: Chris Metinko

Publication: TheStreet


Deadline: Jun 29, 2017 7:00 pm

Although more women are taking the reins of their household finances, divorce and widowhood remain significant roadblocks to achieving true financial security, according to a new Allianz study. More than six in 10 divorced respondents said their divorce created a financial crisis for them and nearly an equal amount (59%) noted that losing their spouse/significant other due to divorce was a real “wake-up call” for them from a financial standpoint. Although fewer widowed respondents (43%) said losing their spouse due to the spouse’s death created a financial crisis. How can you prepare? Requirements: Looking for experts/academics to comment on why women are so affected financially due to divorce — especially when so many are rising in the working ranks? And what can they do to prepare?

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