Looking for expert insight for this piece: How to write a brilliant cover letter for a finance internship

Reporter: Rebecca Hobson



Deadline: Jul 11, 2017 4:00 am

I am writing a blog post for CityJobs, and need expert insight from career advisors, finance employers and recruiters. How to write a brilliant cover letter for a finance internship. To contribute, please answer one or more of the following questions: >> What’s the most common mistake(s) you see on cover letters (i.e. not tailoring it / putting the wrong company’s name in there / being too vague / too long / spelling mistakes /) >> What’s your number one tip for writing a cover letter that will stand out (catchy or unusual opening line / showing you’ve done your research on the company) >> Sometimes there just isn’t time to write individually researched and tailored cover letters for every internship, how can an undergrad/grad get around this – are there any shortcuts? >> Most people applying for internships have little to no experience working in finance (hence why they need the internship) what can they say or write that will make them sound appealing – or even experienced in some other way >> What’s the optimum length for a cover letter? >> What’s the best cover letter you’ve seen and why was it so great?

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