Leveraging preventive care in retirement (Financial advisors and healthcare professionals)

Reporter: David LaMartina

Publication: ThinkAdvisor


Deadline: May 5, 2017 12:00 pm

This story will be featured in a new, retirement-focused section of Nationwide’s ThinkAdvisor website. The new section will be similar in content to the previously featured Retirement Wire: The first round of stories will focus on topics related to healthcare and long-term care. Preventive care is a great way to keep healthcare costs low in retirement, and the ACA significantly expanded Medicare coverage for preventive services. This article will discuss some of the ways in which retirees can use these services to protect their health – and ultimately, their wealth. How can retirees leverage preventive care to stay healthy and cut down on healthcare-related costs in retirement? What are some things they (and their financial advisors) should know about the preventive care system? Ultimately, what do financial advisors need to know to better inform their clients and point them in the right directions to receive good preventive care? Can preventive care have any impact on tax deductions, insurance rates and other financial matters?Requirements: I’d like to speak to at least one financial advisor who has informed retirees about their options for preventive care, and who can speak to the potential savings of being proactive vs. reactive with one’s health. It would also be useful to talk to a healthcare professional or someone in a related field who has firsthand experience with the benefits of preventive care for retirees.

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