Insurers pulling out of ACA – implications for retirees?

Reporter: David LaMartina

Publication: ThinkAdvisor


Deadline: May 17, 2017 12:00 pm

Many insurers are pulling out of the ACA healthcare exchanges, while others are hiking premiums by as much as 50%. Of these companies, many have cited tremendous risk following the ACHA passing in the House. What are the implications of these rate hikes and pull-outs for retiring clients? Most people 65 and older are on Medicare, but will the insurers’ pull-outs impact their Advantage or Supplemental coverage? What about employers who are shifting their retired workers’ group plans over to the exchanges – will those workers’ costs and coverage change? Overall, what should financial advisors know about this trend, in order to better serve their pre-retirement and retiree clients? Requirements: I’d like to speak with financial advisors and healthcare industry experts who focus on retiree / senior populations.

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