Industry Money Manager: Small Caps Down – and They’re Not Getting Up Anytime Soon

Reporter: Brian O'Connell

Publication: Insurance News Net


Deadline: Apr 27, 2017 4:00 pm

While the U.S. stock market continues its upward trend in 2017, where the money is really being made should be a focus point for investment advisors. Case in point, while big profits come from so-called “defense sectors”, meager gains, or worse, come from the small cap universe, which is in serious peril for the rest of the years, says one industry insider. I need market experts to comment on potential growth (or not) of small caps stocks and funds. 1) What’s your prognosis and why? 2) What are the key issues impacting small caps right now, and why? 3) What are your, if any, favorite small cap sectors and funds, and why?

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