Headed South

Headed South

Headed South: The economy of the South is seemingly headed in the same direction. According to The Wall Street Journal, the region’s economy was finally catching up to its northern and western siblings as of 2009; however, since the recession, it’s taken a downward turn with no signs of a comeback. In fact, the South has “the slowest growth in output and wages, the lowest labor-force participation rate and the highest unemployment rate,” writes the Journal. Why?

“Those policies worked before, then they became fundamental constraints on the [South’s] long-term growth,” said Richard Florida, an urbanization expert at the University of Toronto.

Gig economies forming guilds: The future of work is divided into two, relatively clear camps according to The Economist: one that views technology’s disruption in the workplace as positive; and the other that fears technology could create a “digital divide.”  For those who feel the latter, some experts are saying guild-like organizations could be the antidote for gig economy workers.

Flight-shaming is taking off: Flygskam, or flight-shaming, is a new eco-friendly movement you’ve probably never heard of until now, thanks to 16-year-old activist Greta Thunburg. The Guardian looks at Thunburg’s stance on flying, which she says is causing significant harm to the environment and urging travelers to find alternative ways to reach their destination. However, the plea doesn’t come without its own set-backs. Cost, migration, safety and health are just some of the reasons cited by those who stand by their decision to fly.

Sweetgreen as a status symbol: Designer handbags and Apple-everything are no longer the only indicators of one’s socioeconomic status: enter, the little green bag. Sweetgreen, a high-quality-ingredient salad joint with a matching price tag, now conveys plenty about our bank accounts–and for reasons one may not immediately expect. An essay for The Margins looks at the salad bar’s payment options which include debit, credit and ApplePay only; cash is not accepted. Those who don’t have the technology (whether because of socioeconomic status or they forgot their credit card) to purchase from Sweetgreen are only further disenfranchised.

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