When You and Your Financial Advisor Disagree

Reporter: Louis Carlozo

Publication: U.S. News & World Report


Deadline: Apr 21, 2017 1:00 pm

Lou Carlozo, the managing editor for the Bank Administration Institute, is a long-time investment contributor to U.S. News. This article is scheduled to publish Tues. April 24. Emails asking about the status of publication will not be answered. The story will be about the disagreements between financial advisors and investors. Even when both parties have the best of intentions and integrity, things can break down. How can this be built up? That’s what this article will explore. Please submit *via email* your answers to any/all of the questions below: 1) What are some of the common reasons that FAs might disagree with clients, or that clients might disagree with FAs? 2) What can skilled FAs do when investors come to them with common misconceptions such as the value of market timing, or envying the results of other investors? 3) For FAs, how much of this might boil down to basic communications skills? What do those skills need to be? 4) On a much more granular level, do FAs need to be something like counselors or mentors when their clients become scared, irrational or working “on a hunch”? 5) What common mistakes do FAs make that drive a wedge between themselves and clients? 6) Arguably, clients can become “better clients.” What kinds of skills can an FA teach clients without being condescending or pushy? 6) Anything else to add? Statistics, reports, etc. will help shed more light on the issue and positive actions? Please put the name of the source, title and where they are based in the reply. Be sure to put *Financial Advisor Agreement* n the subject line so I make sure to spot your email.

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