Fin Tech – what Risk do Fin Tech products and services pose to Financial services firms and consumers?

Reporter: Neil Hodge

Publication: Enterprise Risk Magazine


Deadline: May 31, 2017 11:00 am

I am writing an article for Enterprise Risk, the official magazine of the Institute of Risk Management (UK), on the rise of fintech, and also the risks these innovations pose to financial services firms and consumers (as well as problems associated with the technology/services themselves). The article will look at: – what fintech companies are doing; – what new risks such innovations create, and how they are being managed/should be managed;
– how are fintech companies ensuring that their products/services comply with FS regulations: banks are spending billions on compliance each year – how can fintech companies ensure full compliance with less spend; – how can banks and insurers learn from the way fintech firms are managing risks? Is there anything that traditional financial services firms can take away from what fintech companies are going with regards to risk management? I am looking for case studies, written comments and interviews from industry experts and consultants to answer the above points. Written comments should address the points above specifically and be no more 400 words. Bullet-point sentences and top-tips are also welcome. My deadline for interviews is next Wednesday, 31 MAY.

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