Have You Ever Lied About Your Income?

Reporter: Laura Woods

Publication: GOBankingRates


Deadline: Jun 1, 2017 11:00 pm

GOBankingRates recently conducted a survey asking people to admit if they’ve ever lied about their income. Results include the following: · 86 percent of respondents said they’ve never lied about their income · Of those who admitted to lying about their income, the most popular reasons was: I’m embarrassed that it’s too low. · Women are slightly more honest than men about their incomes · Millennials are slightly more likely to lie; Older Gen
Xers (ages 45-54) are slightly more honest · Southerners are slightly more likely to lie; Northeast residents are slightly more honest I’m looking for expert commentary on these findings, e.g., do you think our respondents lied. Psychologists, financial experts, etc., please share your thoughts on the results. Please also include your name, job title and company so I can quote you properly, if included. Requirements: Psychologists, financial experts and other authoritative sources only, please.

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