Credit Reports/Scores – How long do late payments stay on a credit report?

Reporter: Lance Cothern

Publication: Credit Karma


Deadline: Jun 30, 2017 7:00 pm

I am looking two sources. See details for source two (a
consumer) below. The first must be an expert that can answer one or more of the following questions: How long do late payments stay on a credit report? How much can late payments affect a credit score? Why? Does this differ depending on the credit scoring model used? Does it matter how late the payment is? What can you do to remove late payments from your credit report? Have people had success removing legitimate late payments from their reports, or only payments that were reported as late but were really made on time? Do you have any advice on how to avoid late payments in the future?
The second is a consumer that has had made late payments in the past. For this, I just need examples of how the late payments affected you personally in regards to your credit. Did your score drop? Did you have a harder time getting credit afterward? Was new credit at higher interest rates? Requirements: Looking for an expert on credit cards/credit bureaus to answer questions. Also looking for a consumer’s story about how late payments affected them. Please provide your full name, title and website (if applicable) when responding.

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