Comprehensive contributed article on alternative finance needed

Reporter: Ben Lobel



Deadline: Jun 2, 2017 11:00 am

I am looking for a contributed piece from an independent contributor on the subject of alternative finance, this should be from a finance body or business organisation rather than an actual finance provider. This will be a cornerstone piece of content and is intended to be the go-to SEO piece for the Alternative Finance section of It will be updated as new developments happen within the sector. The piece needs to have an overview introduction discussing how alternative finance has emerged over the years, offering more choice and innovative solutions for small businesses.
Following this, there will be five headings, with around 250 words on each, going into the main players in the market under each heading, how each category developed, and how they help small businesses. What is equity crowdfunding? What is peer to peer lending? What is property finance? What is invoice finance? What is asset-based lending? The contributor will receive a link, naturally, and the piece will be shared on social media across our network of 37,000 followers (@smallbusinessuk) and across our other social channels, as well as the piece being constantly updated, rising to the top of the Alternative Finance channel every time. has more than 200,000 unique users a month.

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