CFP and other financial sources to discuss backdoor Roth

Reporter: Dawn Reiss

Publication: U.S. News & World Report


Deadline: Mar 27, 2017 9:00 am

Looking for CFPs and other financial sources to discuss backdoor Roths. * What is a backdoor Roth? * Who is eligible? * Why should investors consider a backdoor Roth? * What are particular conversion rates, questions investors should ask? * When are better times to do a backdoor conversion and why? * When might an investor not want to do a backdoor conversation and why? *Are there certain plans, companies that make more sense to consider doing a backdoor Roth with? * What are some of the trends in the industry right now with interest rates rising for backdoor Roths? * What else haven’t I asked that is important? Please include your name, title, company name, city, state, email and phone. Please answer questions as thoroughly as possible. Will follow-up with additional questions. Under a tight deadline. Have to file on Monday. Thanks!