CEOs Addressing Rise in Shareholder Activism

Reporter: Dale Buss

Publication: Chief Executive


Deadline: Jun 28, 2017 10:00 am

For Chief Executive, online, I’d like to speak with a handful of publicly held mid-market and large-company CEOs about their views about shareholder activism considering the slew of CEOs who have resigned or been let go recently because of shareholder revolt over poor performance: Kalanick, Immelt and Ford’s Fields among them. 1) What trends in are CEOs seeing in shareholder activism over the last few years? 2) Why are shareholders having so much more say today and why boards are listening to them? 3) How are business leaders managing/planning for/overcoming these trends? 4) What lessons can be learned from those who have fought activists and lost, and those who have fought activists and won? 4) Travis Kalanick aside, is there a double standard for Silicon Valley CEOs — and everyone else? Also, interested in talking to a handful of highly qualified management experts about this. I am a freelancer.

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