Why Can’t Investment Advisor Industry Attract Young Talent?

Reporter: Brian O'Connell



Deadline: Apr 27, 2017 4:00 pm

With 50% of Financial Advisors Over 55, Financial Services Casting Nets For Younger Pro’s – It’s no secret the investment industry has a choppy record in attracting young financial talent. But with 100,000 brokers retiring in the next ten years, and half the industry talent age 55 or higher, some industry titans have had enough, and are actively recruiting much younger advisors. The results, though, aren’t promising so far – – – Need help if identifying why the financial advisory sector has trouble attracting top young talent. Do you agree with that sentiment? Disagree? Why or why not? And what can the industry do to lure young talent? Requirements: Financial advisors, RIA’s, money managers, young advisors, older advisors, actual advisory clients

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