Can Millennials Save A Good Deal of Money by Living with Their Parents for A Year?

Reporter: Sergei Klebnikov

Publication: Money


Deadline: Jun 15, 2017 1:00 pm

I am looking for financial research experts and other qualified sources who are knowledgeable about the general spending habits of millennials –more specifically– whether they can indeed save significant amounts of money while living with parents and not moving out of the house right away. Specifically seeking comments for an article on whether it is financially worthwhile for millennials to live at home for a year as opposed to moving out and paying rent in some of the biggest U.S. cities. 1) What are the most applicable expenses for millennials? Both while living on their own, and more importantly, while still living with parents. 2) What are the biggest aspects that young people can save money in and reduce spending for while living at home? Depending on source qualifications, am also looking for an expert to weigh in on our methodology as well as overall estimates on how much can be saved each year. Please contact for more information if interested in providing quotes for the story. I am searching for experts on millennials and their spending habits. Primarily seeking experts who are finance- or research-oriented and can provide quotes for an article on saving money while living with your parents.

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