How can I break into fintech? Looking for insight & advice from people working in fintech and recruitment

Reporter: Rebecca Hobson



Deadline: Apr 3, 2017 11:00 am

I’m writing a blog post for titled “How can I break into fintech” this post is aimed at new and recent graduates and should be an informative, inspiring and insightful guide for ppl looking to work in the UK’s burgeoning fintech sector. I’d like useful tips and insight from people already working within fintech, as well as career advisors and recruitment specialists. Sort of questions I’d like answered are: > Is looking for a job in fintech any different to a looking for a job in a more traditional finance sector? > What job hunting advice would you give to somebody finishing university this year? > In your experience, what sort of education / qualifications are needed for a career in fintech? > How has the fintech sector evolved in recent years, and how can/should graduates adapt their job search accordingly?