Aging in place considerations (financial / retirement advisors)

Reporter: David LaMartina

Publication: ThinkAdvisor


Deadline: Apr 28, 2017 3:00 pm

This story will be featured in a new, retirement-focused section of Nationwide’s ThinkAdvisor website. The new section will be similar in content to the previously featured Retirement. The first round of stories will focus on topics related to healthcare and long-term care. Most retirees want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. However, many people don’t understand the costs and hassles that may be involved. What costs need to be considered – renovations, upkeep, in-home care, property taxes,etc.? What are the implications of home ownership on asset drawdown and eligibility for Social Security, Medicare and other forms of assistance? Is it often more realistic for retirees to move and downsize, rather than maintain the homes in which they raised their families? Overall, this piece will help advisors learn some of the basics on aging in place, so they can ask better questions and more thoroughly understand their clients’ needs. What do many clients (and advisors) fail to understand about the complexities of aging place? How can they effectively plan for the costs – or make a well-informed decision to move to retirement community, instead? Requirements: I’d like to speak with financial advisors, retirement advisors and others who have helped clients finance and manage their plans to age in place, rather than move to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

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