Sofia Romano: Morning Person and Vegan Vestie

Private: Sofia Romano

Senior Account Executive, UK

We’re excited to continue the #VestedLife monthly mini-series, which profiles a day in the life of Vested’s passionate, busy, coffee-fueled employees (affectionately dubbed “Vesties”). This series is part of an ongoing initiative to uncover (and celebrate!) the unique culture at the agency and give readers a peek at how fun yet challenging life at Vested can be.

#VestedLife: Sofia Romano: Morning Person and Vegan Vestie

Sofia Romano, UK Senior Account Executive
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Sofia tweets at @SofiaRomanox


Sofia Romano Coffee Addict5:33am

My day officially starts with the sound and smell of my coffee alarm clock. I can tell you have several questions about this:

1. Why so early?

2. Why 5:33 and not 5:30?

3. Coffee alarm clock…. Are you crazy?

I live in Canterbury, Kent, and actually don’t wake up until 5:48. My commute is an hour and a half plus I like to start my day early as I am most productive in the mornings.

The coffee addiction and weird number thing is a whole other story that I’m choosing to skip over [Editor’s note: Ooh, the intrigue!].


Sofia Romano A Day in the VestedLife
St. Pancras Station


My train leaves and my Vested day has begun. I begin by catching up on last night’s emails and reading today’s news. Of particular interest is a short video by the Financial Times, which discusses Project Innovate and the recent talks of replicating the successful FCA sandbox worldwide. Interesting stuff.

Once my train pulls into the iconic St. Pancras station, I set off on my morning walk to the office to clear my mind and prepare for a busy day ahead.



What a busy morning! So far I’ve drafted a press release, conducted media outreach, had two internal client meetings and a new business meeting — all before midday! What I love about life at Vested is that every day is so busy, unique and full of opportunities to learn about the different aspects of financial services. Today is no different. I’ve dabbled in asset management, investor services, financial edtech, fintech and financing for small and medium enterprises — and this day is showing no signs of slowing down. Financial services nerds of the world, unite!


Sofia Romano A Day in the VestedLife
Our stunning office space. Click the photo for more images.


When did it get so late? My stomach is rumbling which tells me I’ve skipped lunchtime. I head out to explore the wonders of Leather Lane’s street food, only to find that everywhere is packed away. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to gorging on a polenta wrap from my favourite vegan stall, but it turns out lunch and a milkshake from POD hit the spot! I sit outside in the courtyard of the beautiful Waterhouse Square, overlooked by our WeWork office, and enjoy the last remnants of the sunshine.


Sofia Romano


After more media relations work, event planning, writing a blog post for a client and taking full advantage of the coffee machine, my day is coming to an end. The office is oddly cold, so I huddle up in my Vested Vest™, wrap up my actions for the day and prepare my to-do list for tomorrow. I have also given myself some journey-home actions, which include preparing a briefing note for a client appearing on Bloomberg TV, as well as reading a new post by 11:FS on financial education.



I arrive back home in Canterbury and enjoy a well-deserved dinner. I am tired yet happy with today’s successes, and look forward to what tomorrow may bring. Life at Vested is no walk in the park, especially when you choose to live a million miles away #nosympathy. But if you love what you do (and where you live), everyday is absolutely worth it. Bring on 5:33am!