Photos: Tradebird Launches at Park Avenue Gansevoort


Ishviene Arora


Vested filled up the rooftop of the Park Avenue Gansevoort last Thursday to support the U.S. launch of Tradebird, a new social platform that offers traders crowdsourced news, investment insight, and leading-edge charts.

Tradebird’s approach is genuinely new. Users — not algorithms or editors — extract the important news on stocks, currencies, and commodities elevated on the platform. “We realized that [traders] don’t need more information — they need the right information in a live, clean feed,” CEO and founder Ivan Ashminov explained. That feed is already showing more than 3,000 posts per day.

The free mobile and web app was created by the founders of Trading 212, the fastest-growing trading application in Europe. We’re thrilled to have played a part in introducing this innovative platform to the U.S. market.

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