Setting Our Logo Free: Introducing Vested Dynamic Logos

Daniel P. Simon

Daniel P. Simon


The conventional wisdom is to pick one logo and stick with it under any and all circumstances. In the case of our firm’s logo, however, this conventional wisdom is wrong and we won’t stand for it!

Vested will be using dynamic logos that will mark significant economic and financial events. The underlying logo format will remain the same as what’s depicted on our website and in our collateral. The dynamic logos will follow the form of our static logo, but incorporate specific references.

For instance, here’s what we’re using now:


The color scheme and the “V” character, both familiar elements of our static logo, are juxtaposed with a monkey because 2016 is the Year of the Monkey on the Chinese calendar, and China is of obvious importance to our client base of finance-facing businesses.

Dynamic logos aren’t exactly new. This post from design firm Hexanine explains the trend and gives some examples:

[W]e spent some time revisiting numerous examples of what we like to call “fluid identities” — logo systems that use multiple iterations of a mark (or series of marks) to communicate a particular aspect of a brand. … At one point, these types of projects were few and far between, but now these isolated examples have grown into a full-blown trend. The days of the static logo are certainly not extinct, but this persistent way of thinking about malleable identities seems like a portend of things to come.

“We’re adding dynamism to our existing logos by incorporating the spirit of current events,” said Vested Creative Director Ali Wells. “We don’t have any firm rules in place for what we’d like to do, as we don’t want to impose any barriers to creativity.”

With that in mind, do let me know if you have any ideas for what to incorporate into our dynamic logo moving forward.