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For those seeking to solve the world’s problems through technology, finance is the final frontier. But are some fintech companies too focused on solving problems that don’t truly matter? How can new entrants compete with more mature financial technology companies, as well as with established financial brands? Is there a bubble in the sector?

These challenges also serve as opportunities. Companies that recognize this will carve out a space for themselves in the financial industry and be able to affect mass change.

At Vested, our biggest source of strength is our airtight understanding of the financial technology industry. Our teams support strong, sustainable brands and are able to articulate to stakeholders exactly how and why a fintech company truly matters. Our network of clients makes the decisions that shape this sector.

As such, Vested is the right agency partner for today’s emerging financial technology companies.

To learn more about our passion for the space, reach out, check out Vested Ventures or play with our FinTech Name Generator.

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