Be a storyteller.

Banks have a reputational problem. A foundational pillar for society, they help facilitate commerce, and they increasingly do this faster, easier, and more securely than ever before by using powerful new technology and lasting business relationships. But, since the Great Recession, banks have struggled to get attention for the good work they are doing.

Our people have spent their careers earning the trust of stakeholders to solve this precise problem. We’ve independently surveyed banking markets to better understand the nuances of customers’ relationships with banks, so we know what stories will best resonate.

So why Vested? Because we’re selective with the banks we work with, because we’ve built trust with industry tastemakers, because we know the right stories to tell and how to best share them in an authentic way. We make the case for our clients both in public and behind the scenes.

Bank marketing and bank social media programs depend on having a trusted, independent agency partner. Let’s work together.

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