Alternatives & Hedge Funds

Pull back the curtain.

In spite, or perhaps because of, their massive importance to a well-functioning market, alternative investments and hedge funds face overwhelming external scrutiny. It doesn’t help that, since the financial crisis, a few bad actors have generated unwelcome headlines and negative attention.

The public, investors and regulators—spurred by unwelcome headlines thanks to a few bad industry actors—demand that alternative investment funds practice with honesty and transparency.

Our multidisciplinary approach to external communication is the surest way to achieve this. Our teams have mastered the art and the craft of extracting company stories. Using a balanced combination of integrated platforms to connect with stakeholders, we can pull back the curtain and rebuild trust between the fund and interested parties.

Further, we understand the regulations that limit communication for different funds, and are able to adapt those stories as needed.

Vested is the right agency partner for creating and executing transparent, effective hedge fund marketing and hedge fund branding campaigns. Work with us.

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