Noted Economist and Author Milton Ezrati Joins Vested

As reported in PRWeek yesterday, Milton Ezrati, a prominent economist and author who has worked in the financial services industry for decades, has joined Vested as chief economist. We’ve worked with Milton in the past and are simply thrilled to be able to do so moving forward.
Milton most recently served as partner, senior economist, and market strategist at Lord Abbett, an asset management institution with more than $125b under management. There, his roles included advising clients across the United States, Europe, and Asia on global financial issues and providing insight that drove the firm’s portfolio management strategies.
He is a contributing editor to The National Interest, a magazine that covers international affairs, and the author of two books: Kawari, which predicted Japan would evolve from an export-oriented economy to one that provides services, and Thirty Tomorrows: The Next Three Decades of Globalization, Demographics, and How We Will Live, which examines the impact that an aging population has on the world’s most developed economies. He frequently contributes to and is quoted in a variety of financial publications.
Milton commented: “The intersection of modern media and economic thought offers both opportunities and risks for companies trying to capture a dominant share of voice. I’m happy to help Vested’s staff seize the former and avoid the latter on behalf of the firm’s clients.”
In our line of work, understanding what is happening at a macroeconomic level is imperative. As we continue to extend our service offering to meet the needs of today’s financial industry, we’re thrilled to have access to Milton’s knowledge, experience, and instincts. His analysis will provide unique value to our clients.
(Image via PRWeek.)

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