Maggie Monaghan: Humanoid Queen of Vested Halloween

Private: Maggie Monaghan

Senior Account Executive

We’re excited to continue the #VestedLife monthly mini-series, which profiles a day in the life of Vested’s passionate, busy, coffee-fueled employees (affectionately dubbed “Vesties”). This series is part of an ongoing initiative to uncover (and celebrate!) the unique culture at the agency and give readers a peek at how fun yet challenging life at Vested can be.

#VestedLife: Maggie Monaghan: Humanoid Queen of Vested Halloween

Maggie Monaghan, Senior Account Executive
New York, NY
Maggie tweets at @maggsmonaghan


Thursday, 10/25

Halloween is upon us and, for Vesties, that means one thing: our Halloween costume contest. I scroll through Amazon searching for the perfect items for my costume. Shhhh, I’m going as Sophia the Humanoid Robot; I decided to go a bit more intense this year. One of my clients had an event earlier this year where Sophia was the main attraction and I thought she’d be a great costume for the contest. I ask my work buddy Emma if she wants to go as Sophia’s “handler.”

Some background on Sophia: her handlers are crucial to making sure she’s programmed and ready to go. While technology is impressive, robots don’t run the world just yet and still rely on good ol’ fashioned humans.

After a good 20 minutes of surfing the web, I find a bald cap (told you it was extreme), white gloves and pipe cleaners, which I order without giving myself time to back out. Thank goodness for Prime!


Tuesday, 10/30

After a delayed flight back from a new business pitch and client meeting, I get home pretty late. I’m exhausted but get a sudden burst of energy when I see the Amazon package with my Halloween costume for tomorrow. I rip it open and try it on. Shockingly, I do not hate how I look in this bald cap! I take the pipe cleaners and test out how they look as wire (I’m a robot after all).  I decide they do the trick and pack up my stuff for tomorrow.


Wednesday, 10/31


My alarm goes off and I’m up, a little groggy but excited knowing it’s Halloween! I pick out my outfit for Sophia — a black turtleneck, black pants and black booties. Sophia has a killer wardrobe so I feel I need to step up my game. I quickly do my makeup and hair (for when I’m sans bald cap) and I’m out the door to catch my bus.


After a brisk morning sprint, I catch the bus (and my breath) and thankfully get a seat! I catch up on my work emails and read TheSkimm, which is my normal routine when commuting. I usually leave a bit later in the morning but wanted to get into the office earlier to get prepped before our competition at 9am. I didn’t want to travel in my costume.



I get into the office super early for me. There’s only a few colleagues at this point and I enlist my desk buddy Adrienne (AK as we call her) to help me get ready. We head into Sell (a cozy conference room) and work together to get my hair into the cap. My costume counterpart Emma pops in and together she and AK work on taping the pipe cleaners to my head to look like robotic wires. Teamwork!


Emma and I prepare a few things for our “big reveal” to the judges. We have a flair for the dramatic and worked on a brief script, as well as some materials to show Sophia’s recent headlines and accolades (e.g., a feud with Chrissy Teigen and a recent cover of Cosmopolitan India, among others).

VestedLife Maggie Monaghan Vested Halloween 9:15am

It’s showtime! We Vesties show off our costumes to our panel of judges/clients. Vested is a creative bunch and we all appreciate a good financial pun; the costumes do not disappoint! We had a “green Bond” and a “junk Bond” (above), an angel investor complete with a bucket full of cash and a unicorn, a digital native, Talking Biz News (look it up it’s a thing), an activist shareholder (wearing a “go vote” sign, and carrying a barbie with Cher’s face taped on it — creativity in action!) and a ton of other really clever looks.


After our presentations and some deliberation time, the judges return with their decision — Emma and I win for “Most Effort!” The “Most Creative” prize goes to Caroline Andrews, AKA the activist Cher-holder, and Marian Daniells won first place overall for her digital native costume. Emma and I decide we’ll use our prize money for a fun dinner together soon! Then it’s back to work.


The morning has flown by! So far I’ve done a phone screening with a potential candidate, coordinated a media interview, and had a client meeting. Luckily, I have a quick break for lunch and dash out to grab a bite to eat before I’ve got to head downtown to staff an interview for a client.


I spent the second half of my day running around NYC to prep a client for a podcast interview, which they nailed! I head back to the office to get some work done before the end of the day. I schedule a few meetings with my clients as well as check in on our RSVPs for our Follies pre-party happening next week. Also on my mind: pulling together all the outputs from my numerous 2019 planning meetings I had earlier this week.


After grabbing dinner with my boyfriend, I decide we have to watch my favorite Halloween movie, “Hocus Pocus.” Such a classic! He isn’t as into it as I am but it’s the last time it’s socially acceptable to watch until next October.


After the movie, I get ready for bed, silence my electronics and I’m out like a light. *Drake voice*