Introducing Vested Ventures

Emma Clarke

Account Manager

As we announced yesterday during a panel on the future of financial technology hosted at the British Consulate, we’ve established a new division of the firm, Vested Ventures, that will make strategic investments in and provide communications services to startup companies in the finance and technology space. PRWeek broke the story, writing:

Vested Ventures takes a more “judicious” approach to reviewing companies than VC firms that invest in many startups under the assumption most will fail, Vested CEO Daniel P. Simon said. But that doesn’t mean the agency arm is necessarily looking for the next unicorn.

Vested Ventures has invested more than $130,000 in cash and $120,000 in deferred income consulting services in a pair of companies, the latest being Remesh, a market research company that integrates AI into its services, which closed a $1 million angel investment round in late 2016.

As reported, Vested Ventures’ first capital investment is in Remesh, a platform that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to help companies better understand their customers and key constituents. It does this by gathering, ranking, and filtering the collective opinion of crowds in real time. AI and machine learning are among the most bullish areas of financial technology, according to yesterday’s panel.

Vested CEO Daniel P. Simon described the strategy in our announcement: “Vested Ventures will create strategic, long-term partnerships with companies that create a positive impact, whether that be by promoting financial literacy, helping bring underbanked people into the financial system or promoting transparency in financial services. Remesh is a revolutionary technology platform that helps companies including major financial institutions better understand the needs of its customers. The firm has enormous disruptive potential, a stellar founding team and an important industry impact, and we are thrilled to help them grow.”

Vested Ventures is accepting ideas and proposals from startups here. Y Combinator and Techstars graduates in particular are encouraged to reach out.

Qualifying companies may receive the following support and services:

— A direct seed investment in the firm
— Pro-bono branding, marketing & growth hacking solutions
— Connections with Vested Ventures’ extensive network of fintech venture capital firms, incubators, and partners
— A combination of the above

Part of Vested Ventures’ model is to search for more than the ruthless pursuit of returns. We want to partner with startups that build technology to make make the world a better, smarter, and financially healthier place.

Just as Vested is not a typical communications agency, Vested Ventures will not be a typical investment partner. We look forward to pursuing this mission.