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Outdoor Office, University Endowments, Purchasing Power

Outdoor Office: As many people continue to work from home, companies are finding new ways to advertise.  Those who formerly sat in cars or trains staring at billboards and other out-of-home ads are now slightly less accessible at home.  Campaign covers American Express’ “Built for Business” campaign that now includes an experiential installation in three major cities, New York, Chicago and Austin. These installations create a workspace in nature by building desks with electronic plug-ins and phone booths. It is the perfect solution for those looking to change up their scenery without returning to the office just yet.

University Endowments: With the fiscal year coming to a close for many universities, we are starting to see a common trend — an increase in endowment funds. Pitchbook discusses how these universities have substantially expanded their funding. While there are several reasons that could be causing this, many believe it is not a trend that will continue in the years to come. 

Purchasing Power: When discussing the millennial generation, many Gen X and Baby Boomers still think of those in their 20s as just entering the workforce. In reality, the oldest millennial is currently 40 which means the oldest members of Gen Z are 24. Insider covers how both these generations currently possess a great influence over our economy.  The Millennial generation makes up for the largest percentage of the workforce in 2021.  Many of them are buying houses and contributing to the real estate boom we are seeing.  The oldest members of Generation Z are seen as the biggest trendsetters and possess a high amount of influence over the market.  Brands are seeing this shift and quickly adjusting to cater their products for this generation.

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