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Fashionable NFT, Office Memberships, Buy Now Pay Later

Fashionable NFT: This week NFT (non fungible tokens) took a new form in designer fashion.  Consumers can now purchase digital designer fashion backed with the value of NFT.  Forbes covers how this new era of fashion came about and how it is expected to grow in the future. Unlike e-commerce which took awhile for designer brands to catch onto, many designers are quickly jumping onto the NFT bandwagon.

Office Memberships: Everyone is quite familiar with the world of remote work.  As companies are making this a more permanent solution, new ways of working remotely are popping up around the country.  The latest is turning retail stores, which are finding themselves empty with the popularity of online shopping, into office spaces.  The New York Times covers the WeWork phenomenon that has inspired other businesses to open their doors to office memberships.  The only question left is if this is the way of the future or simply just a trend.

Buy Now Pay Later: With the holidays quickly approaching and many still financially recovering from the pandemic, buy now, pay later options are becoming more and more attractive.  Business Insider covers how these companies are recognizing this, and are in an extreme marketing competition with each other.  Who can blame them when they are competing in a market worth $91 billion.  However, as these payment options gain popularity, the criticism from the financial community increases as well.  Many are worried that this is just another option for people to rack up personal debt. 

Saks Stock: Saks Fifth Avenue could soon be joining Wall Street as they are currently being evaluated.  The Wall Street Journal states that they are expected to triple their evaluation of $2 billion from March of this year.  Nothing is final, but they are in the works of going public.

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