Graduate Program

Unparalleled Financial Marketing Training with the In-Vested Graduate Program

Vested is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for recent graduates to fast track their Wall Street and Financial Communications careers. The Financial and FinTech industry is one of the fastest moving right now and Vested is at the forefront of helping these firms navigate the complex regulatory, technological and communications challenges that this rapid change brings.

Our graduate class is a 6 month intensive financial marketing training program recognized by leading banks and fintech players as a hallmark of quality. During your 6 months with us you will receive:

  • Series 7 training
  • Bloomberg Terminal training
  • Macroeconomic coaching with our Chief Economist, Milton Ezrati
  • Seminar time with Dr David Cowen, CEO and President of the Museum of American Finance
  • Grounding in the basics of PR, Marketing, Social Media Communications and Advertising
  • Active client and new business development work
  • Management of at least one Vested event

If you successfully graduate the program you will receive:

  • A $5000 signing bonus
  • A full time job on competitive salary
  • An Uber account
  • A Starbucks account

Who should apply:

  • Graduates from top schools with high GPAs
  • Intellectually curious individuals with a demonstrable interest in finance and financial communications
  • Entrepreneurs and go getters
  • Compelling individuals who see themselves doing something important and aren’t scared by hard work


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