Our Holiday Party, in Photos

Here at Vested, we know that smart is sexy, and our team and network embody this truth. Earlier this month, nearly 200 financial services executives and industry contacts joined us for our holiday party at the Museum of Sex to celebrate the year and season. Together with our employees, they enjoyed Mowcow Muellers and Long Island Iced DLTs, and boosted their knowledge with funny money facts.
It was a great way to celebrate what’s been a wild and wonderful year: 2017 saw Vested earn the trust of high-profile, newsworthy clients in the financial space; add smart, passionate people to our team; and methodically deliver on our clients’ expectations. We turned our ideas, both silly and ambitious, into realities. And we still have two weeks to go.
We also learned a lot, collectively. From an industry standpoint, the macro environment remains very uncertain. At the same time, the media sector continues to contract, and agencies like ours must find new and exciting ways to share client stories that deliver value. These circumstances make our job challenging — but unashamedly exciting. We see opportunity where others see difficulty, and it’s extraordinarily rewarding when we deliver for a client.
There’s a lot to look forward to in 2018. For now, check out the holiday party photos below from our staff photographer to get a sense of how we unwind.

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