Happy Valentine’s Day from Vested

Daniel P. Simon

Daniel P. Simon


“Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and the rate of inflation in the past.

“But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade?”

— Alan Greenspan, The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society

To riff off this timeless quote, our adoration for our clients is unquestionably exuberant, but perfectly rational. Every Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded of one of our core value propositions, and how it impacts the work we do. We make the lives of our client contacts easier — and, sometimes, that means putting in the time and effort to ensure they can enjoy time with their family without worrying that something important won’t get done or an impactful piece of the news cycle will get missed.

Part of our value is allowing our clients to shut off, to the extent they want to, every now and again. While we like our people to be able to shut off from time to time too, we’re always thinking about the best solutions to our client’s problems, even when we’re not behind a computer screen or in the office. We love what we do, and we can’t help but to obsess a bit over our clients and the industry conversations that impact them.

We sent out these gifts, complete with financial services puns, today to remind our clients that we’re always thinking about them, and about how to best solve problems or create opportunities on their behalf.

Beyond our clients, what else do we love? Our new office, for starters. Curious reporters and editors. Payments platforms that actually work. Hamilton: An American Musical. Regulatory wonkery. Most of us really love coffee.

And what don’t we love? Market volatility, although it is a good subject for our clients to talk about. We’re not altogether sold on Bitcoin, although the blockchain is without a doubt awesome. We don’t like timidness, reflexive pessimism, and plans that don’t put our clients in a position of strength.

In short, happy Valentine’s Day from Vested.