Get To Know Our New Managing Director Christina Bertinelli

Amber Roberts

CEO, US Professional Services

In January, Christina Bertinelli joined Vested as a Managing Director. She’s a seasoned pro when it comes to marketing financial services with more than 20 years of experience focused on investor communications and financial storytelling, she has a long track record working with private equity firms, hedge funds, and insurance companies.

Since becoming a Vestie, Christina has landed the firm two new clients: JC Flowers and MidOcean Partners, which she brought over from her previous firm. Christina also been a strong leader on existing accounts and slid into Vested’s culture seamlessly. Get to know more about why Christina picked Vested as her next venture and what she’s up to outside the office.

Getting Vested

Why Vested?

Vested is full of smart and passionate people who aren’t afraid to do things differently. It was instant for me — I wanted to be part of the team. When you find like-minded individuals, I think it’s natural to want to partner with them.

Why finance?

Finance is really all I know; it’s where I’ve spent 98 percent of my career and I’m continually fascinated by it. Even though it’s this large umbrella, each organization you work with is always different from the one before. Coming to New York from Boston after college, I had friends in this world and it seemed like no matter what, everyone was involved in finance in some way or the other. I wanted to be part of that community.
Why the focus on digital and integrated work?

It’s the future of what we’re doing — we have to be focused on it. To ignore it isn’t really an option. But to embrace it and grow is absolutely where we need to be. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because it’s complex. There are so many moving parts and to be able to bring those together to create this larger initiative keeps it interesting.

How do you define “integrated”?

It’s one of those buzzwords that means different things to different people. In a nutshell, it’s not relying on one item to solve your problem. The core of integrated content, and how you deploy that content over multiple channels, is the goal. Whether its blog posts, websites, paid ads …. It’s all pushing towards the one goal of elevating a brand or changing and reinforcing a narrative. When those things are able to speak to and complement each other is the epitome of truly integrated communications.

What are you most looking forward to in this new role?

For me, it’s working with the various Vested clients and helping shape what integrated communications means for Vested. I’m excited to grow that practice and support the clients that are here now, as well as clients that we take on in the future. Having a say in how Vested differentiates itself in this space speaks to my entrepreneurial spirit and it’s an amazing opportunity.

Where do you get your news?

All of my news is 100 percent digital. In some cases, it’s articles shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the usual suspects: The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and so on. I will say, I really like that Twitter allows you to go down a rabbit hole of content so I try to use that to my benefit.

What topic or area of finance needs the greatest makeover?

Institutional brand narratives. I think financial companies that have been around forever need to define who they are and what they want to be, specifically when it comes to diversity. There’s a lot of conversation around diversity, which is great and super important. But equally important to that are the brand stories attached to the actual implication of diversity in the workplace and I think that’s what audiences are craving and something that we, as a society, should push as much as conversations about diversity more generally.

How has your personal history shaped your professional trajectory?

Growing up, I was lucky to be in an environment where my parents were really supportive. I was also a very competitive athlete and taught that hard work gets results. Work ethic and focusing on finishing things and seeing things through has had a positive and important influence on my life and shaped who I am today. Neither of them worked in finance, so they didn’t influence my specialty per se, but they helped me learn that if you work hard and are responsive to feedback, you’ll get far.

What jargon-y term needs to go?

Pivot and disruptive.

Define your work style in three words.

Pragmatic, creative, inclusive.

Getting Personal

Who or what inspires you?

Meeting new people inspires me; it can be a new client,  a parent at my kid’s school, my Uber driver. I am always fascinated and inspired by the different paths we all take.

When you’re not in the office, where can we find you?

Outside of the city with my husband, two boys (9 and 11) and my Golden Retriever Buddy– ideally at the top of a mountain with skis under my feet.

What skill is today’s talent pool lacking?

Grit, communications has lots of ups and downs and to understand that things won’t always go the way you want and to not take it personally and to have the perseverance to carry on.

How does what you do in your personal time impact your professional outputs?

I really try to unplug. Doing things you’re passionate about in your free time and time away provides so much clarity and energy on my return to the office. If you’re never off your phone and it’s constant, it’s impossible to get any perspective.

What do you do to continually improve yourself?

Read, read, read. Anything from a novel, to a business book, to the news, or even listening to a podcast. I find inspiration in all of those.

Define your personality in three words.

Kind, humorous, inclusive

What’s your biggest pet peeve?


What did you Google last?

Meeting spot at Penn station

What do you do better than 90% of people?