Get to Know Amber Roberts, the Newest Member of Our Management Team


Binna Kim


Today, we announced the appointment of Amber Roberts, a 15-year veteran of financial services communication, as the new CEO of Vested’s professional services operation in the United States.

The full announcement is out now, but here’s a summary. Amber will focus on maximizing the value that we can deliver to clients, who turn to us for bold, actionable integrated communications services. Her mandate is partly expanding our set of services, partly mentoring staff, and partly developing new business. Ultimately, she will provide leadership for and oversight of all of the services we conduct for clients in North America, from strategic counseling to content development to press management to issues-driven communications to planning and everything in between.

This is a new position, and Amber is the perfect fit.

Vested is a unique agency. We have an investment division, Vested Ventures, and a proprietary technology platform, Vested IQ. We have a chief technology officer and a chief economist. We have plans to establish additional lines of business during the next 12 to 18 months. These resources and ventures make our abilities as consultants as strong as they can be. Few, if any, other firms that serve the interests of financial companies can truthfully say that they, too, take this approach.

The foundation for all of this is a robust, best-in-class services offering that consistently, methodically delivers on what clients need and expect. It’s the thread that ties everything together, and this has been our vision since day one.

I’m so excited to have such a fearless leader, successful woman, financial services expert, and entrepreneur join our leadership team. Amber will be a key part of our growth as our teams continue to deliver the ideas and actions that create value for our clients. Her experience working on both high-stakes companies within banking, private equity, asset management and insurance as well as creative consumer campaigns will prove invaluable as we enter into the next chapter of our expansion.