Fintech and the Evolving Media Landscape


Binna Kim


Vested co-founder and CEO Daniel P. Simon was recently a guest on Asset TV. His take on the relationship between fintech companies that make news and the reporters who cover them is worth emphasizing.

“Five years ago, if you went to a tech reporter and tried to get them to write about finance, they wouldn’t do it. And similarly, if you went to a finance reporter and tried to get them to write about tech, they wouldn’t do it.

“Today, every media outlet is trying to create a fintech beat, and that means there are a lot of reporters out there trying to get up to speed very quickly on a very rapidly moving space.”

We recently secured a partnership with Just Reach Out, a platform directory of journalists and the subjects they cover. Fintech journalists that the Just Reach Out platform discovers are now listed directly on our Vested Intelligence page. This helps users monitor the evolution Dan mentioned on more of a real-time basis.

Judging from the volume of new names and faces we run across who are covering the beat, there’s a tremendous interest in finance from all corners of today’s media.

At the same time, the media field at large continues to contract. There are almost five PR pros for every reporter in the United States, doubling the ratio from a decade ago, according to Muckrack.

It is our job to learn how to leverage this new environment for the benefit of our clients. Executing on this mandate can be challenging, but that’s what keeps our field interesting.

One consequence of a contracting media is that journalists tend to reflexively ignore traditional pitching. This is why we’ve built out our creative team by hiring Ali Wells, our chief creative officer, and why we’ve done away with the silos that keep earned media, paid media, and owned/shared media separate.

Vested – Integrated Communications from Vested on Vimeo.

This approach helps us develop and execute campaigns that draw in the attention of media stakeholders.

Point is, making news in this new environment can be a longer process, and we’re proud to have the right team and approach to accommodate it.