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Managing a crisis effectively involves more than the actions taken during a crisis situation. Successful crisis management includes preparing in advance by identifying potential problem areas and instituting procedures that will enable a systematic response with minimal confusion. Our expert teams plan with your business in advance, allowing your company to orchestrate and manage its formal response to the media and other audiences during a crisis. From data breaches and international sanctions to regulatory changes, our crisis experts have handled a variety of situations across multiple industries.

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Vested is consistently recognized as a key player in the global communications space.

Our Crisis Communications Services

Vested plans for crisis situations with your business in advance, allowing your company to orchestrate and manage its formal response to the media and other audiences if and when it happens.


Our experts work with your team to develop a crisis playbook that will act as the guide to response and action during times of crisis.


When a disruptive or unexpected event crops up, we’re here to guide your organization through it. From executive fraud and bankruptcies to SEC violations, we’ve worked through it all.


During a crisis, the way business executives come across is key to controlling the narrative. Our experts share crucial guidance for ensuring a coordinated and effective response to the crisis.


Every crisis is as unique as the organization it impacts. We develop and plan for scenarios that are specific to your business and industry to ensure there is a well-defined strategy specific to you.


We conduct exercises designed to simulate real-life crisis scenarios, allowing organizations to practice and refine their crisis management and communication strategies in a controlled environment.


We have teams available across the globe and around the clock to help your organization quickly and effectively address a crisis as it unfolds.

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We work clients both big and small within the finance and fintech spaces. From high-growth blockchain technology companies to premier global banking institutions, our clients touch every facet of the industry.

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