Eric Hazard Goes Under the Hoodie in ‘Focus on Fintech’ Season 2


Jacqueline Gogel


Our President once said we need to “do better” at cyber. Thanks to CEO of Vested Ventures Eric Hazard and our friends at BrightTALK, we are. Er, at least we’re doing better at understanding what exactly “cyber” means.

In Episode 5 of Focus on Fintech, Eric sits down with a software engineer, a chief security scientist, and a tech CEO to understand the difference between cyber hackers and cyber criminals. The trio works with Eric to debunk myths about particular personas, including the iconic “hoodie” look, working out of their mom’s basement, and the assumption that all “hacking” is illegal. Plus, there’s an always welcomed cameo from our associate, Ashley Shahid.

You can also check out the full episode on BrightTALK’s website!