Drinks & Bytes: Focusing on Data Analytics’ Impact on Communications


Ishviene Arora



When clients, prospects, influencers, and industry friends talk, we listen. And sometimes what they say is that they want a fun party that they also happen to learn something at.

We partnered with Remesh, Signal, and Roxhill Media, three new companies at the forefront of how data analytics is changing media and communications, to show the financial communications industry just how much data is changing the way communications professionals go about doing their jobs. Gramercy Park Hotel hosted us. The evening featured an ongoing live poll, personalized share-of-voice analysis for every firm that attended, and the artwork of renowned data visualization artist Joshua Leibowitz.

In opening up our personal and professional networks to allies, whether or not there’s anything in it for us, we think we’re doing our part to truly push this important conversation forward. And the conversation we’re having is important. Data analytics is touching every part of the consumer world and the ways people use consumer technology impacts what they expect from technology at work. Analytics is therefore both a B2C and B2B play today.

The platforms must balance privacy with choice, security with accessibility, and familiarity with functionality. In a world where software is now literally money, this is something we intend to talk about often with our allies and peers.

In the meantime, here are some party photos: