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Boston Private sought to raise brand awareness and stand out in a crowded space. The goal was to tell a cohesive story both internally and externally, using a fully integrated approach to marketing and communications.

Vested deployed a two-pronged strategy to raise visibility. First, we focused a campaign on elevating the firm’s first female CIO and established strong relationships with key reporters and producers in the asset and wealth space. Once we secured recurring appearances on Closing Bell and Power Lunch with bi-weekly market commentary, we were able to leverage the relationships we built to begin promoting additional spokespeople within the firm to deepen the bench.

Next, we rolled out an integrated communications strategy supporting Boston Private’s “Why of Wealth” survey, examining the psychological factors driving how Americans interact with their wealth.


Through working with Vested, Boston Private was able to secure recurring appearances for their CIO on CNBC’s Closing Bell, Power Lunch, and more.

Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer at Boston Private, featured on CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report.”

Digital & Print

In addition to television coverage, Boston Private was featured in both the NY Times and Business Insider.

David Murphy, head of wealth advisory at Boston Private, quoted in the NY Times article “Balancing the Benefit and the Burden of Wealth.”


The “Why of Wealth” campaign led to a combination of high quality news coverage-led by a feature by Paul Sullivan of The New York Times in the “Wealth Matters” column-hitting a wide range of audiences from advisors to institutions to consumers. Being open to different types of audiences has allowed Boston Private to differentiate in a crowded space and show a commitment to investing in client relationships.

In addition, Vested raised and elevated their CIO delivering platinum-tier and trade press coverage on a consistent basis including a contributor spot on CNBC’s Halftime Report.

Gramercy Institute
Winner – Best PR/Media Relations Strategy

FCS Portfolio Award
Silver Winner


Masthaven is a retail lending and savings bank located in the UK.  While they liked their existing logo and color palette, Masthaven found the application of their brand to be childish and unappealing to the broker side of their business. Vested refreshed their old brand, developing a new brand identity and graphic assets that appealed to both retail customers and brokers alike.


We chose Playfair Display Bold and Bariol Regular for Masthaven’s primary and secondary fonts, striking a balance between traditional finance and the existing youthfulness of their brand.


Masthaven’s color palette consists of five primary colors: Ice, Pebble, Iron, Charcoal, and Fuschia.  The warm colors give their brand a bright and refreshing look across all mediums and distinguish them from competitors in the field.







As part of the rebrand, we developed unique double-exposure photography, highlighting the dreams of Masthaven customers across the globe.


We applied Masthaven’s new brand guidelines to their existing collateral in both digital and print, including business stationary and product guides.


In addition, we designed a new website based on the rebrand for both desktop and mobile devices.


Masthaven could not have been happier with the result of the rebrand.  It was rolled out successfully across all mediums in early 2019 and met with praise throughout the company.