Case Study: The Force Was Strong With This Campaign

Daniel P. Simon

Daniel P. Simon


Despite piecemeal analysis like Star Wars stocks and Star Wars quotes that apply to investing, no one had taken an holistic look at the business side of the storied movie franchise, which hit theatres again last December. So we collaborated with our client Citadel, the hedge fund with $25b assets under management, to do so.

The outcome was The Business of Star Wars: A Citadel Conversation, which is the sort of material that would be taught if a business school and a film school merged together.

Business Insider used the content to source three articles, which were widely shared and syndicated across the publication’s network of content partners:

“I think Yoda would be a great investor. He’s wise and he’s patient,” said senior analyst Joe Pasqualichio in one of the videos BI used. “He’d be able to find alpha, I believe.”

The Vested team shot on-site in San Francisco, with newly appointed chief creative officer Ali Wells designing and overseeing the creative elements of the package.