Busted Bracket? Check Out Our FinTech News Bracket, Instead

There’s a throwdown in the office because everyone’s March Madness brackets are busted. As the perennial “sports guy,” I run the ordeal, explain how seeding works, and (of course; #sorrynotsorry) win, so many in the office suspect collusion.
As I get berated by coworkers who don’t fully understand that I have no say in the outcome of these games, and that the only reason why I’m winning is because I’m a homer (shout out to the Wolverines! Go Blue!). I thought I’d give colleagues, clients and friends another chance at redemption and some bragging rights (and an opportunity for some peace and quiet for myself).
We’re doing another bracket — this one on (what else?) fintech.
We polled colleagues on what they think the biggest fintech stories of 2017 were. Sure, we’re in March. Sure, we’re busy doing real work and my coworkers who picked Virginia never want to hear the word “bracket” again, so few people responded. I’m going rogue and launching a fintech news bracket anyway.
Can’t wait to hear which stories I missed; there are so many great ones, but as we know, even the Selection Committee doesn’t get it right all the time. Shout out to Loyola Chicago and Sister Jean!
Here’s how it works:
Head to the bracket here or click through to all the details below.  Tell us: Which story in each pairing was the best? What qualifies best? Most jaw-dropping, most “fake news,” funniest summary, most interesting, most influential. Vote based on your own definition. I can’t make too many rules or I’ll be suspect again.
We’ll share results and updates on social media, but voting will end at 6 p.m., Sunday, April 1. Stay tuned on Monday, April 2, when we’ll announce the BEST* fintech news story of 2017!
Your Fintech Commissioner and Vested #SportzGuy,
*Reminder: your definition may vary.
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