Blockchain Vendors Speak Out at CES


Binna Kim


Vested CEO Daniel P. Simon reported from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, interviewing attendees whose technology sits at the nexus of consumer technology and financial services.

Blockchain companies were heavily represented at this year’s CES, and the show hosted the first blockchain panel in its history on Jan. 5. The technology has certainly come a long way since it began to make headlines in 2011.

“Financial services will end up being just simply software,” said Caitlin Long, chairperson and president of Symbiont, an enterprise blockchain platform. Referring to the blockchain as “a new form of database technology,” she added that blockchain “will replace the traditional SQL and Oracle database back-ends of a lot of IT infrastructure that exist today.”

Digital currency specifically, and the blockchain generally, unquestionably has a role in the future of consumer finance. We’re very bullish on the technology and look forward to seeing what innovation comes from blockchain startups and established institutions moving forward.