Biz Cozine: From Dawn to Dusk with this Yogi

Private: Elizabeth “Biz” Cozine

Senior Account Executive

We’re excited to continue the #VestedLife monthly mini-series, which profiles a day in the life of Vested’s passionate, busy, coffee-fueled employees (affectionately dubbed “Vesties”). This series is part of an ongoing initiative to uncover (and celebrate!) the unique culture at the agency and give readers a peek at how fun yet challenging life at Vested can be.

#VestedLife: Biz Cozine: From Dawn to Dusk with this Yogi

Elizabeth “Biz” Cozine,  Senior Account Executive
New York, NY
Biz tweets at @bizcozine



My alarm goes off, but I don’t move. It’s raining and dreary in New York, so I snooze…for just a little while longer…



And I’m up! Unlike many of my colleagues, I’m lucky to say that I have a very, very easy commute, 15 minutes door to door, and that gives me the luxury to snooze more than a couple of times. Though I’m really trying to become more of a morning person — wouldn’t it be great to have a full breakfast, read the news and be totally caught up hours before the day actually begins?! — today was an exception (at least, I hope…).



I hop on the subway and scroll through my emails, catching up on the amazing work our Vested UK colleagues are doing while we’re all still sleeping and reading the plethora of newsletters I receive every morning, brainstorming ways where our clients could be a part of the conversation.



I have a pretty busy day, but any Vestie would agree that’s nothing new. I put together my to-do list for the day and prep for my 9:30 call.



The morning has flown by! I’ve pitched and secured a new podcast for one of my clients using Qwoted, our proprietary tech platform that connects communications professionals with relevant industry opportunities, drafted a press release, and chatted with one of my clients on some upcoming content.

One thing worth mentioning about Vested. There’s food – everywhere, and all the time. Today, we’ve ordered in Shake Shack, and I manage to shoot out a few pitches while simultaneously eating my double ShackBurger.



I take a quick walk around the block to grab a coffee as I hit my mid-afternoon lull. It’s finally beginning to feel like fall in New York, and I don’t hate it. The fall is by far the best time to be in New York, and I’m grateful for a reduction in humidity (though I’m not totally thrilled by the rain).


Biz Cozine coffee5:45pm

Another thing that’s great about Vested is the fact that my days fly by. Since every day is different, I’m always on my toes and truly never feel bored. I finish designing a social post for an upcoming client conference, talk with one of my teams about Money 20/20 (THE conference of the fall) and follow up to confirm timing of some client news. Then I pack up my bag and head uptown to yoga.



I walk out of yoga feeling rejuvenated and grateful. Though I admittedly thought about what was on my plate for the following day during savasana, I also was able to let go of the day’s stress and count my blessings – I know, cheesy, but true!



I hop into bed, exhausted but looking forward to the day ahead, filled with exciting news and events. Maybe tomorrow, I won’t press snooze.