Binna Kim: Powering Through Money20/20 Like a Boss


Binna Kim


We’re excited to continue the #VestedLife monthly mini-series, which profiles a day in the life of Vested’s passionate, busy, coffee-fueled employees (affectionately dubbed “Vesties”). This series is part of an ongoing initiative to uncover (and celebrate!) the unique culture at the agency and give readers a peek at how fun yet challenging life at Vested can be.

binna#VestedLife: Binna Kim: Powering Through Money20/20 Like a Boss

Binna Kim,  President
New York, NY (but currently at Money20/20 in Las Vegas)
Binna tweets (and is live-Tweeting #Money2020) at @binnaskim



Jet lag + still trying to work East Coast time means I’m up, catching up on work, while getting ready to tackle what will be a loooooooooooong day. Being away from home means I’m both checking on things back at the office and at home, smiling-crying over cute pictures of my kids.



Start heading down to the show. The Venetian is gigantic so it takes almost 15 minutes just to get from the hotel room down to the Sands expo.



Ordering a green juice which costs $15 thanks to Vegas things-cost-ridiculous-prices inflation. This is probably the most vegetables I’ve ingested in 24 hours since I’m mostly surviving on coffee and Diet Coke.



In line at the Starbucks just outside the expo hall. You’d think Starbucks was handing out Mega Millions tickets and not $10 lattes based on the line wrapped around outside.



I manage to pounce on a seat inside Starbucks for my 9:30am meeting with a fellow  PR professional. We exchange stories and notes before we both part ways to run to our next meetings.



Now, I’m parked in the press room for the better part of the day. The Money2020 press room is fairly spacious but like most Vegas resorts, there are no clocks or windows and we’re all collectively breathing in recycled, cigarette-smoke-filtered air. But the room is abuzz with reporters from the WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters and executives from fintech companies both large and small.

I marathon through a series of press meetings with one of my favorite clients. Reporters are curious about what’s big in fintech and we talk about the move towards prop-tech, about how they launched at the show four years ago, and the massive growth they’ve experienced since then.


Client and I do our annual schwag run – where we browse the exhibit hall talking to the many sponsors and see what great schwag is around this year. In addition to the usual various squishy stress items, there are light-up wristbands, lots of water bottles, portable chargers, stuffed animals, tee shirts, pens and more. Best get: a vacuum insulated wine cup for those days when you need to take your wine on the run…?



Lunch meeting with the rest of the Vested leadership team. We meet at Chica – we’re excited to be back after our amazing reception the night before where we had nearly 200 Money20/20 attendees join us for cocktails to celebrate the launch of season 2 of Focus on Fintech.



Meeting with an old client, catching up on what’s new and growing in the world of mortgage tech!



Back to the press room for the next marathon of meetings. We catch up with Forbes, Bloomberg and Debtwire. Ironically, most of the reporters who come to Money20/20 rarely have time to actually sit in any of the sessions and are often stuck in the press room doing interview after interview. I’ve heard a lot of attendees only catch a few sessions as most of the action happens during one-on-one meetings in the many cafes, bars and restaurants sprawling across the Venetian. There are VCs and PE investors pursuing deals, fintech start-ups chasing money, and partnerships being struck up every minute during the show.



BREAKING: Minor Kerfuffle in the Press Room. Someone left the coffee running so a small pool of coffee has formed on the floor.



Done with press meetings for the day! Swing by hotel room to drop some stuff off before our client’s cocktail reception.



Client kicks off their awesome Havana Nights-themed cocktail reception. We drink margaritas, eat teeny-tiny cubans and empanadas, and catch up about the show.



Team Vested heads to dinner! There are nine of us here at the show and it’s great to spend some quality team bonding time together over dinner at Lavo. Thanks to our dogged COO Ishviene Arora, Lavo comps us appetizers and a bottle of wine because they had to seat us outside. We all marvel at her negotiating prowess.



Team Vested hits the Blackjack tables! And although we’re not always winners at the table, we’re definitely winners at Money20/20. After a while, we’re off to bed for the next day at Money20/20 2018!